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Digital Transformation

In today’s world, we have digital touchpoints almost on all of our daily activities. In fact, digital even defines how we live and work today and this requires businesses to adapt and evolve quickly to meet the new customer expectations. This is what we call Digital Transformation where it is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers. We, at Trinovik Labs can assist in implementing the right digital transformation strategies and digital roadmap that your company requires to operate more efficient and effective in meeting today’s digital demands.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital branding

Product / Startup development

The digital landscape has vastly changed in the past few years with the help of startups that provide unique and niche services for its consumers. At Trinovik Labs, we don’t just develop the solution but also create value in the startup business. We create value by assisting startups in evaluating their business model to ensure its viable in today’s challenging market, develop both MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) or even Full Software solutions depending on their budgets and business strategy. In some cases, we are also open for IT development partnership where we assist in developing the startup solutions for minimal cost and continuously enhance it as part of the partnership deal. This vastly reduces the initial spend on product development and allows the team to focus in growing the business while we take care of the technicalities.

  • Product consulting
  • Product architecture
  • Product design
  • Product development
  • Product testing
  • Product rollout

Experience design

A key differentiating factor of any good application has always been the user experience. This is derived from understanding the purpose of the application as well as the target audience. This forms the foundation block in designing any application. Our creative team will work closely with you in designing the user interface and user experience even before the application is developed. Apart from design work, we also provide the following services as part of any application development or even as a standalone service.

  • User experience consultation
  • Wireframing / Prototyping
  • User interface design
  • Content development / Copywriting

Digital marketing

Marketing has always been an integral part of selling any service or product. The digital space makes it even easier for consumers to discover the service and products that they want. All this is made possible through Search Engine Optimzation of content on a website that makes it relevant to the search keywords of consumers. Google Adwords and YouTube ads can also re-target consumers to ensure your brand is always in front of them. We can assist to audit your website SEO and provide recommendations on how to improve your visibility to consumers on the web. Email marketing is another method to engage new and past consumers to drive traffic back to your website.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Digital analytics

Web development

In the digital marketing scene, a website is a key conversion tool for any business selling a service or product. Consumers are more likely to sign-up and purchase your products when information is presented clearly and concisely based on what they’re searching for. We have created many types of websites in the past 5 years, from standalone microsites to multi-region corporate websites built on Content Management Systems like WordPress. For clients that have products to be sold, we have developed e-commerce websites powered by Prestashop and WooCommerce. Our developers are well-versed with developing HTML5 websites with React and NodeJS backends. Apart from website development, we also provide maintenance services for clients that want us to maintain and update content on their website.

  • Website design & development
  • Content Management System (CMS) development
  • E-Commerce development
  • Website Maintenance

Mobile development

Mobile applications are the new tool in consumer engagement. Consumers today are never without their smartphones, thus making it the direct channel of communication for any brand. The team at Trinovik Labs are well experienced in developing mobile application for various types of businesses be it a small startup or large enterprises. Our mobile applications are custom tailored using latest mobile technologies to ensure it meets the business demands and most importantly a cost-effective mobile solution. We can develop both native and hybrid apps for different mobile platforms to suit your business needs.

  • Mobile application design
  • iOS application development
  • Android application development
  • Hybrid application development

Custom software development

Custom software development has always been our forte mainly due to the years of experience our founders has in developing software solutions for various types of clients. We do an in-depth software development process for clients requiring custom software solutions. These includes detailed requirement analysis, software requirement specification (SRS), software design & development, testing and deployment. We also provide API development services for your application or to integrate your existing applications to other applications including legacy systems. Our experienced team is well versed in developing both front-end and back-end for large scale web applications with latest technologies. Some of the technologies we use in our development are HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular JS, React JS, Node JS, PHP, Microsoft .Net, Laravel, MySQL, SQL Server and MongoDB.

  • Full stack development
  • Application Integration
  • API development
  • Application maintenance & support

Blockchain development

Blockchain is a cryptographic distributed and decentralized public ledger that store data in linked blocks called chains. We have implemented solutions utilizing  blockchain frameworks, like HyperLedger, at the core to store and validate data of high importance that cannot be tampered with or altered. Our solutions are implemented using multi-node partners and peers. We have also created POCs for e-wallets with blockchain-backed transactions. Blockchain solutions have many use cases in various industries other than finances, like supply chain management, medical, education, and document management.

  • Blockchain consulting / Proof-of-Concepts
  • Enterprise Blockchain Application
  • Smart contract application

Digital solutions for events

Among our key products is a digital event management system to manage event attendees and event activities from pre-registration, event tracking, and post-event management. This system includes a cashless payment system and points redemption for attendees powered by QR code. The solution is designed with the objective to redefine the digital experience for event attendees by introducing quick check-ins and seamless event activity participation. The solution also includes an event marketing site for event attendees to register or RSVP for events.

  • Event website development
  • Email marketing for events
  • Event management solution

IT Managed Services

As part of our core services, we offer IT as well as domain and hosting consultation services for all our clients. By utilizing industry best practices, we can custom formulate an IT lifecycle strategy or work with your existing organization IT policy to ensure the continued operations of your IT services / infrastructure. We work with global cloud computing companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform to ensure your IT infrastructure is secure, flexible and scalable which in return minimizes your IT operational cost.

  • IT Consultation
  • System / Website maintenance
  • Domain & Hosting management
  • Cloud Hosting management

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